I am back to writing from journal this morning.  Yesterday I needed to take nephew break since I hadn’t seen him quite a while.  He is so close to just letting his little mouth spill all kinds of words. I can’t wait until the babble turns to words.  Although the babble is more than just babble now and you realize he is telling you something important. Sometimes I understand and sometimes I don’t.  The little prince is turning into a little boy right before my eyes. He is at that stage and he tries to figure out what makes us laugh and keeps doing it over and over so we have to be careful what we laugh at.  When he does his bend over laugh it kills me. I want to bottle that care free spirit up.


Back to Kripalu journal – I woke up at 6am  which is a nice surprise because it means I had a decent night’s sleep and slept in later then I do at home. I wanted to get up early this morning so I could enjoy my first yoga class at 6:30am. I left Matthew in bed since he has already declared he is not going that early.

I find myself waking up in the Berkshires on top of a mountain and when you can see it, it is beautiful.  However, like everywhere else right now it is still dark at 6am. I remember being here in the summer and waking early just to come see the views of the early morning scenery and writing in my journal before my first yoga class. This morning I’m writing in the quiet but not seeing any views. By breakfast I will see the lake and have the marvelous feelings of seeing the scenery.

The joy is that the room we are having our program sessions in are surrounded by big windows and show us the lake, the lawn, the labyrinth and other gorgeous features. It might actually be difficult for me to concentrate on meditation when I have so many wonderful things to look at.

The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind but you don’t necessarily need to close your eyes. As long as they are not darting around frantically looking at all kinds of things you can still meditate, maybe even find the calm while concentrating on a tree, a leaf, the lake, or broad scenery. I’m hoping to lose myself today in the beauty of Kripalu.


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