What a pleasure eating dinner with my husband.  When you first arrive at Kripalu if you go alone you end up eating alone until you make friends with your group. This time I got to enjoy a wonderful meal with my husband.  He loves all kinds of food so I knew this meal plan would be perfect for him. He is adventurous with food choices and although we don’t make a lot of different meals ourselves he is always anxious to try new things. 

            My husband and I really enjoy a nice of cup of tea and little dessert every night after dinner.  It is not the best habit to have but we make up for it in other ways so we allow ourselves this guilty pleasure.  I was explaining to him that there was no dessert allowed here.  He proved me wrong yet again, he found freshly made banana bread.  We got our cup of tea and a piece of banana bread after dinner to enjoy together.  Along with telling my husband that there was not internet access or dessert,  I also told him there was no coffee.  Won’t it be interesting if tomorrow morning he finds some coffee. He doesn’t even know what “roughing” at Kripalu means but actually that is OK. I would rather have this be totally enjoyable for him so he comes back again.

            We are headed to our program session. It is 7:30pm and we are exhausted. Our steps have slowed and if we could we would probably just head to our rooms and call it night but really our night is just beginning.  We have a program session tonight and will most likely be done around 10pm, this coming from 2 people who are normally in bed around 8pm.  Should be interesting.



2 thoughts on “OUR FIRST MEAL

  1. David December 1, 2011 at 6:44 pm Reply

    Well, Nicole – Have you found the coffee and the wi-fi yet? And there is sauna a whirlpool downstairs. My favorites! Hope you and husband love Kripalu as much as I do. Oh, yeah… once a week there are brownies for dessert!

    • mevsmctd December 1, 2011 at 8:06 pm Reply

      Yes he did find the coffee after our orientation night one but luckily he didn’t buy it. He didn’t use the internet in our room or have the coffee but we did eat their dessert both nights. I think the were having yummy treats because it was also circus yoga weekend and there were quite a few kids on the campus.
      With an e-mail like yours I’m guessing you have frequented Kripalu quite often. I’m still a newbie since I have only been twice but I’m going again in June and love for Kripalu is an uderstatment. I am trying to figure out how to bottle that bliss and keep it with me at all times.
      Would love to hear your stories sometime.


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