Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving and yesterday we gorged ourselves beyond the norm for no real apparent reason other then we could. We fed my nephew all the food at the table and as it turns out the carrots as well as the beets turned out to be his favorite.  It is really alright with me if he never gets the taste for green bean casserole or sweet potatoes with marshmallows both dishes seem to be favorites for some but not for me.

I prefer the more closer to their real form foods unless we are talking about pie. Pie in any form is a huge favorite. I made 3 of them this year because I knew we were not taking any leftovers home but I wanted to taste traditional pumpkin and apple pie and of course I need to make my family, wouldn’t be thanksgiving without it, pumpkin layered pie.

I have spent so many years making this pumpkin layer pie but I have never made a traditional pumpkin until this year. My husband so nicely asked me for it and considering what he is about to do for me there was no way I could say no.

This morning I got up early headed to gym. I needed to be lose before climbing in the car for the next 4 hours. Our trip down was nice and we did a lot of talking. I could tell my husband was worried so we talked about what he could expect and how it may turn out this weekend. Once we arrived and found a place to park we went to check in.  There were so many people at the front desk but you have to acquire a level of patience once you arrive.

I’m full of patience while I’m here and can get into calm mode instantly. It is taking my husband a little longer. With this in mind I thought starting our trip with a nice long walk to the lake would be good. He love it. The lake was quiet, the heron was out feeding, the geese were calling and we saw 1 person out in a kayak enjoying the sunset out on the water. Doesn’t get much better for the man in life than this. We have a full night and I need him to find is calm, open his heart and mind, and relax into the uncomfortable feelings.


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