As my husband and I pack, plan and prepare for our upcoming excursion to Kripalu, the yoga retreat center, he is finding himself becoming extremely nervous.  I was nervous when I went the first time too but my nervous was an excited nervous. I was ready and willing to let go and try everything they had to offer.  My husband has the “I’m not sure I’m ready for this” type of nervousness.  My husband is a man who likes to be in control and enjoys knowing what is going to happen at any given time.  With this type of control issue he would be nervous. He understands there will be no coffee available to him unless he wants to go to the cafe and buy a very expensive cup.  I’m not telling him he can’t I’m just asking him to check his ego and sense of control at the door and be completely opened to this place, their philosophies, and the entire experience that can be a real life changer.

He is going to be asked to get out of his comfort zone a lot. Rightfully so this is not going to feel good to him, but it is part of the yoga program.  Yoga’s main principle is to let go and be in the moment even if that moment isn’t where you would prefer to be or if that moment is kind of uncomfortable.  I know my husband and I know what he needs to make this a successful trip so although I’m asking him let go of some control I’m also preparing him to the best of my ability as to what he can expect the whole time we are there. I have printed him an entire schedule of our trip. I have been printing all the newsletters to let him see what Kripalu is and how they think.  I am preparing him with words and ideas so he understands the joy I felt even through the nervousness. I went there with a completely opened mind and gained so much knowledge.  I found this to be a life changing experience even if I haven’t stuck with everything I learned there. I did learn some valuable lessons about life, the quiet and simplicity that is available, the idea that I’m not perfect and I’m not superwoman even though many days I believe I have to be. I learned to find the real Nicole on my mat and enjoy her for all that she is whether she is tired, overwhelmed, stressed, feeling a little fat, or even feeling like a rock star.

Reality sets in and I’m talking to my co-workers about our trip and how proud of my husband I am that he is willing to get out of his comfort zone and try this for me.  Would he be doing this if I weren’t as excited about Kripalu as I am? Of course not, but the mere fact that he is doing for me may show him the benefits for doing it for himself.  As I’m having this conversation and my co-workers are picturing not having coffee, or other forms of caffeine, not having sugar, not eating a meat diet regularly, getting up at 6am to start yoga, going to be 10pm when the last yoga session is over they are cringing. They would be the first ones to say no way to this type of experience and have no interest in venturing that far outside their comfort zones. This does not sound like a vacation to them and it makes me wonder what my husband really thinks about this trip. It probably doesn’t sound like a vacation to him either but he is willing to do it for me and when I think about that, this trip will be a life changer for both of us. I get to experience the love and joy that my husband and yoga give me daily.  He hopefully gets to enjoy the love I give him and find a new found interest in yoga if not even daily just sometimes.


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