Is there a such thing as a functioning flare? Yes I believe there is and I also believe I’m in the middle of one right now.  My last journal entry showed 20 days without flare and that is not a long time.  I also think that has the days go on unfortunately I will find myself back to zero days.  My body has every indication that a flare is here.  I call it a functioning flare because yesterday my entire body from feet to jaw was hurting. I spent many hours shopping getting ready for Thanksgiving and in the process I was in cold stores, on concrete floors and my entire body was not happy about this.  I had severe Raynaud’s and my hands were in some real pain but I also knew that I had to get this done in order to be ready for Thanksgiving on Thursday. 

This morning I woke up and felt exhausted. My body was still hurting and my hands were so swollen I could not make fists.  I had one option this morning and that was to make my way to Bikram and just try to let the heat and the sweat make my body feel better.  I got rid of some fluid but not enough that my hands didn’t hurt and still this afternoon I’m not making fists.  Typing is difficult but I’m not being timed so it really doesn’t matter how long it takes to write this. 

Since I’m pretty sure I’m going to flare in the coming days I just hope it is not on Thursday.  I don’t like making my family worry and when I don’t feel well all they do is worry.  My husband tries to convince them that I’m OK but he shouldn’t have to spend his holiday doing that.  I want my body to cooperate and we can figure out what to do after the holiday.

Actually after the holiday it is figured out.  My husband and I are on our way to yoga camp for adults.  He is willing to try it and I’m totally excited to be the one to introduce him to yoga and the place that changed my life.  We will yoga, detoxify and find ourselves and maybe even each other on our mats.  It will be such an incredible vacation for me but I hope it is for him also.  I will be writing in my journal every step of the way and making sure to fill you all in.


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