Be careful what you wish for…..   This morning I woke up rested and ready to go. I knew I was going to Bikram and I was already feeling very strong first thing in the morning so I was expecting a good practice, maybe even a great practice.  As I walked through the door one of my fellow yogi’s said “be careful what you wish for” it was already extremely hot and humid before we even got the people in the room and got started with our practice.

            I had been complaining that it just wasn’t quite hot enough for me first thing in the mornings these days and I was choosing to skip some Bikram practices.  Today I got my hot and humid practice and I did great.  My body loved the heat.  The entire room was breathing very hard and there was a certain huff and puff coming from all of us.  At one point the instructor said everyone has to calm down and take nice deep slow breaths.  She could tell that the heat was getting to us but at the same time this is exactly what I have been hoping for.  My body loves the heat and I just have to make sure my mind realizes that the heat is an ok thing.  I don’t want my mind to become afraid of the heat since the rest my body enjoys the heat very much.

            They assured me it would be nice and hot again tomorrow so I’m headed back in for some more heat and humidity again tomorrow.  It might keep others away since some struggle with extreme heat but again that isn’t such a bad thing for me either. I prefer a smaller class with regulars who also enjoy the heat as much as I do.  There will be a room full of regulars tomorrow and I’m looking forward to another incredible practice.


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