It feels like spring here in Portland Maine this week.  Second week of November and we are achieving record temperatures of high 60’s.  For many of you that might seem cold but believe me it feels great.  My Raynaud’s immediately start to feel better and lessens with these nice temps. 

            I haven’t needed medications or Niacin and I haven’t had to wear gloves.  My fingers have a nice pink tint to them although they are still very swollen they aren’t purple and tingling. I look forward to small victories like these.  Yes, I do consider this a small victory.  I know how painful the Raynaud’s can feel and when I don’t have to worry about getting it because the temps are co-operating that to me feels like I have gained something.

            I went to Bikram this morning and it was actually very nice and warm in there. I wouldn’t say I was overly hot but my temperature gage is a little different these days.  It wasn’t very humid and my practice was really strong.  I also think that I was doing some real deep breathing and filling my lungs to their capacity and slowly letting the air out.  This makes me think that I can tackle the elliptical with more strength now and looking forward to trying it out.


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