Saturday was my first day back in the Bikram studio after a week.  I woke in the morning with extremely swollen and stiff hands.  This is the result of many things.  The cold weather impacts my Raynaud’s which causes stiffness.  The lack of sweating enough fluid can cause my fingers to be real swollen.  The mere fact that I am coming out of an illness can cause my body to do funky things and can cause extreme fluid retention.  I need my hands like most people so when they don’t feel good it makes things like cooking, typing, cleaning, tying shoes and normal every day things a little harder. I immediately recognized that I needed to sweat a major amount of fluid off this body.

            I ventured into the Bikram studio with 40 other people Saturday morning.  The air was very thin in there and it didn’t take much for all 41 of us to produce some major human humidity in there.  After not being there a week and not feeling like my body is performing at 100% I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the practice I had.  It wasn’t great but it wasn’t awful either.  I was next to some people that I have practiced with for a long time so the fact they were sweating on me was distracting me but not like it would if they were complete strangers sweating on me.  This probably sounds pretty disgusting to some people but this is what we are faced with when people decide before the holidays they want to drop a few pounds and when they make their New Year’s resolutions to drop some weight.  Our classes become so full that we just make do.

            Fast forward to yesterday morning and I woke up again very swollen and stiff and didn’t know if I wanted to tackle a large Bikram class again but what is the alternative.  I don’t have a steam room in my home or access to one at this time so I have to go somewhere that I’m sure I will sweat a major amount of fluid and quickly.  Bikram is the place.  I arrived and laughed with the ladies there that had been there on Saturday also.  The amount of people makes us laugh while we also know we are ready for them to go anytime now.  The amount of people was small compared to yesterday and my practice was really great.  I felt like I hadn’t taken a break and I was really holding the postures properly and for the length of time recommended.

            After class one of the women that was also there Saturday said she felt like a rock star today.  Amazing how different your practice is when you can breath, have room and it isn’t at peak hot and humidity. I need to hit the studio every day this week as well watch my sodium intake until my hands aren’t so stiff, sore and swollen.  I need them so I have to be good to them.


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