I mentioned earlier this week that I haven’t been going to Bikram instead utilizing the gym more and when I started back at the gym on Monday I expected to feel fatigue in my lungs.  They are recovering and I didn’t do much while I was sick but today is Friday and I have been at the gym every day this week in fact twice on most days but I still don’t have the lung capacity to do more than 10 minutes on the elliptical.  It is shocking to me that I’m still struggling.  I’m not frustrated but I am really shocked by it.

            I got on the elliptical every day this week and after about 10 minutes I needed to move to the treadmill.  On the treadmill I’m moving and inclining but it isn’t nearly as taxing on my lungs as the elliptical machine even if I drop down a notch from where I was before I got sick.

            I figured this morning I would be right back to my normal 60 minute stint on the machine. I was so wrong, again after a few minutes I climbed off.  There is no judgment and I’m not embarrassed especially because I know that I’m there working out all the time but I’m wondering what has happened to my lung capacity. Perhaps even though I feel better my lungs are still sick in some way.  I am not coughing, wheezing or finding it hard to breath in my normal routine just when I get on the elliptical machine.

            My favorite machine in the gym is the elliptical machine. I have been known to occupy a machine for 90 minutes at some points.  I haven’t been on that machine for 90 minutes since before I was sick last winter.  I could do 60 minutes but my days of 90 seem to be long gone.  Which I actually didn’t think was such a bad thing honestly.  I don’t want to be so consumed with cardio that I just get lost on a piece of equipment for hours.  I can get lost on my yoga mat for hours and feel totally fine about it.  I just need to continue to use the elliptical for as long as possible as many times a day as necessary until I’m back up to 60 minutes again. Hopefully it won’t take me months but instead weeks.  I would say days but it has already been days.


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