I am finally getting most of my strength back and energy back.  It feels so good to be part of the world again and speaking to people around me.  I have not been to Bikram since Sunday and honestly my practice was so difficult I think I’m just nervous about jumping back into that studio. 

            I have been doing a lot of walking and starting my weight training again and haven’t necessarily missed my Bikram practice.  I think I probably get into exercise ruts like everyone and just need to change it up for a few weeks.  The only thing is that the longer I stay out of the Bikram studio the harder my practice will be once I go back in.  I don’t want to let too much time go by but I also think that this slight change in my routine is making things a little easier for me in general.  I am spending more time at home with husband and we are able to eat our breakfast together and discuss our upcoming day.  That unfortunately does not happen on the mornings I run off to Bikram. He would never complain about my Bikram practice but he does tell me how much fun his mornings have been having me there.  That goes a long ways and makes for  a pleasant day.

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