Today I went to gym and walked for 60 minutes.  I wasn’t breaking any records but my legs felt like they could easily endure the 60 minutes and my lungs felt fine.  I will try some hot yoga tomorrow but no Bikram until Wednesday.  I decided I would take myself into the studio only 3 days this week. I can be back to full throttle next week and sweat daily but right now I need to keep my electrolytes and just make sure I’m working my body but not over working my body. 

            The great news is that my appetite is back completely. I always feel so much stronger when I’m eating really good healthy food and adequate amounts of it.  When you don’t feel well it is just about comfort food and a little nibbles whenever possible.  I sat down to a real meal with my husband last night and enjoyed the food I was eating. My taste buds were fully working and the food was so good.  I could smell the wonderful aromas and that making my meal even that much more enjoyable.  Amazing when things taste and smell good how uplifting it can be.


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