Today I woke up and realized I had a voice to speak with, not that I had a whole lot to say first thing this morning but just knowing I could speak was a good feeling.  Granted it is hoarse and scratchy but you
can make out what I’m saying without being directly in front of me reading my lips.  Yesterday after waking up and feeling stiff I decided to try 20 minutes of walking.  I realized I was good for 20 minutes at a time.  That is start and every day I’ll increase more and more.

This morning I decided that even though it would be extremely difficult I wanted to go to Bikram.  I need some yogi energy around me, I need some good friends around me and I need some warmth for my inside.  I
did a posture and sat out a posture, but I made it the 90 minutes.  I could breath, I was not coughing, and I’m hoping I was sweating out all the toxins that are keeping me down.  My practice didn’t feel good but I knew that I had to start somewhere and what better place to start then today when I could and did come home to rest afterward. I got what I was looking for with the energy, friends and warmth and I know in another week or so I’ll be right back to my strong practice but I have to understand that my body is still recovering and Bikram is an intense practice. 

Tomorrow I will continue to walk and rest and walk some more until I’m feeling up to full strength and sneak in some Bikram this week.  I will not be doing double workout sessions but I will make every effort to
walk.  My legs are strong enough to walk even if I do it leisurely.  We find ourselves starting over many times and this is just another time for me.  Meditation is good for me right now as well because when I feel tired, discouraged, and completely depleted of energy just sitting quietly with my own thoughts and keeping them positive and reflective has helped lessen the effects of that negative energy that wants to creep in.  It’s better just to keep it out and move forward.


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