You may remember from last winter when I wasn’t in flare but I certainly wasn’t well either.  I was in and out of the walk in clinic on many antibiotics and eventually ended up making myself so much worse than it had to be.  I’m going through that again now.

            Whatever I latched on to in my eye has now travelled into my lungs and although I don’t have a sore throat or cough I also have no voice and I mean zero.  Some might say this is a blessing but considering that 98% of my day is typically on the phone this makes it extremely challenging.  I’m not going to the doctor for this because I really don’t know what they can do and quite frankly I end up being sicker after I leave there.

            My husband thinks I have PSTS from last winter and I’m just in denial this time around.  Ok, I totally buy it and if that is the case I prefer denial just for now.  I really don’t feel ill but my fatigue is registering off the charts.  Some people have mentioned they have seen this for several weeks in people.  My plan is just do what I can do and sleep as much as possible and take round the clock cold medicine to see if that works.  My exercise is the same as my voice, zero.  I’m not happy about that because it causes me other issues like stiffness and soreness but I have to be careful and listen to what I need.  Any extra time will be spent resting just for now.


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