When are the eyes and the throat connected? When my body is fighting a staph infection in my eye and immune system is revved up in order to kill the staph infection and in turn a MCTD sore throat lets me know my immune system is in override.  That is what is happening now.  Someone else might think they have an eye infection caused by a cold and that would explain the fever and sore throat.  For me it is a little bit different.

            Before I tell my story I will preface by saying this is a little graphic but brief.  Yesterday afternoon instantly I was having trouble seeing out of my left eye.  Needless to say I was a little disturbed but not nearly as disturbed as I felt walking into the bathroom and seeing that I had green gook coming out of my eye.  This is not part of a Halloween costume this is my delicate eye producing this.  I immediately called my eye doctor and they said come right over.  I found this eye doctor the same time I was being diagnosed with MCTD so he has been with me since the beginning and understands that just prescribing me medications for various things doesn’t work well.

            He took one look at me and said you have a staph infection.  I instantly thought of my nephew. I had just spent some time with him and sometimes he is ill and other times he is teething the symptoms are basically the same and hard to tell what it is.  The doctor said that staph infections can be found on any doorknob, facet, refrigerator handle, fax, printer, or anything else that people touch.  This year they are seeing more and more of them and although I need to let my sister-in-law know there is no telling where it came from.  He put me on a steroid for the eyes since it wouldn’t interfere with anything else I was already taking and said take it easy for a few days.

            Fast forward to the evening hours and as I fall into a much needed deep sleep my body starts to repair itself.  I wake up with a fever and sore throat and know that my immune system is in override trying to fight the infection.  I’m actually thrilled my body does this but at the same time I also need it to quiet down again quickly.  That my friend is the trick we are all looking for.  Rev and relax is the name of the game but none of us have the directions.  I found myself noticing that my toes were aching and my shoulders were a little achy so I did what anyone on the verge of a flare would do and I just slept as long as I possibly could.  I feel ok this morning but I know this is not over.  My body still has several days of fighting ahead of it and it may be that I’m faced with a flare at the end of this healing process.  I will deal with whatever comes and try to find those moments of quiet to let my body know that I’m glad it is working hard but that it can also just relax too.  What will be will be

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