Finally after nearly a week my fatigue is fading.  Yesterday I was nearly exhausted and struggling but was able to take the day and today to really just rest.  It may seem like a waste of a weekend to others but to me some of my favorite weekends include just my husband and myself with very little going on and a whole lot of being together and really just taking it easy.  Some of my favorite talks from weekends like this when it feels like our lives are moving so fast and we barely get a chance to really talk after work.  This is a time
when sitting and relaxing with one another brings out the best in ourselves and our relationship.

I struggled in power yoga yesterday but today when I went to Bikram felt really strong.  When I came home my husband mentioned I looked tired but I assured him I was OK and my fatigue really truly was fading.  Not gone but I’ll take fading.  Any decrease in my fatigue just helps my overall balance. I will not get a chance to get back into the Bikram studio now until Thursday. I’m hoping I can stay balanced even without yoga for a few days and I’m hoping that by taking it easy and not pushing too hard once I get back in there I’ll be back to my normal Bikram self.


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