I’m back to zero days without a flare and dealt with a different type of flare last night.  On my way home from work last evening I got a migraine type headache and although I’m not familiar with migraines or get them regularly I can only describe it as such since the pain came on quickly and so harsh that my head and shoulders were engulfed in pain.  I was in my car so I could not close my eyes and the sickness hit my stomach so quickly I didn’t want to pull over to stop I just wanted to get home to bed.

            I got the fever and the sore throat along with the sickness and the headache. It was not a good time but it was completely gone this morning.  Sometimes I cannot tell if I’m having a flare or flu symptoms except that in the morning if I’m back to normal then I know it was flare and although my body might be tired from the trauma it went through the night before it feels fine.  That is how I am today.  My body feels perfectly fine but I do have fatigue and will continue to take it a little slower today.

            I have also recorded this flare in my daily journal to see if there is a pattern to the headache type flares vs. the body, shakes type flare.  Also I want to see if there are triggers I can watch for and try to pinpoint going forward.  My goal is to spread my flare episodes out further and further but know that my body is fragile and deal with what it brings on a daily or weekly or monthly basis.  This is my 2nd flare this month and although in the past I might have been discouraged this time around I dealt with it and woke up this morning looking for my next 300+ days.


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