It has been so great this summer and fall getting fresh fruits and vegetables from our local CSA supplier.  The food just tastes so good and being from an organic farm thrilled my husband and me greatly.  It is almost the end of Oct and unfortunately because we are having frost our share will be coming to an end pretty quick now.  The fall root vegetables and squash are really my favorite. However, I’m not going to be missing kale and cabbage for a while.  I like both of them very much but honestly how many recipes can you come up with weekly for those two foods?

            I was able to try some vegetables I didn’t even know about like kohlrabi and celery root.  Both vegetables would have been great to have weekly but we only got them a few times.  The potatoes are still coming and quite good.  I had purple potatoes for the first time this summer.  I thought I was a knowledgeable eater before we got involved in this but I realize there are lots of fruits and vegetables I could try.  Coming up with the recipes is fun and also full of anxiety because not all of my recipes turned out very good.  I was exploring and some were a bust.  Isn’t that the point of exploring to see what happens and what you find? 

            I enjoyed getting to know our farmer and his family and spending time at their farm where our food was growing and the animals were living.  It was a really nice experience for us and I’m looking forward to doing it again next year. 

   Next on our list is to find an organic apple orchard to do some apple picking.  It is time to make apple pie, apple crisp, apple turnovers and we need the sweetest, juiciest, cleanest apples we can find. I bought some organic apples from the grocery store that had no flavor but once I doctored them up and through them in pastries it was a pretty delicious apple turnover.  This time of year is meant for eating fun, fruity, wholesome, autumn type foods.


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