One year ago I embarked on a new outlet for myself to help me deal with my MCTD.  Call it the seven year itch perhaps, but I was ready to branch out and find other people that had MCTD.  I had spent the last 7 years trying all kinds of things, medicines and alternatives and I wanted to see what other people were doing. I had done a lot of reading, researching, and browsing other websites and blogs. I unfortunately found some really sick people out there and thought that at that time I could help other people with MCTD by simply telling my story.  I was very direct in the beginning saying I’m not a doctor, therapist, nutritionist, or personal trainer but I do know what works for me.


            What I didn’t realize was just how much I was going to gain from this endeavor as well.  I was putting my personal and private thoughts out for other people to read not because they are necessarily interesting but they are real. As one of my readers once said I have given MCTD a voice. Dealing with MCTD is challenging daily and although I clearly don’t have it all figured out I’m learning right along with all of you. I enjoy the feedback, questions, and comments you write to me.  You all help me as well especially when I’m thinking about this in daily terms.  Sometimes things are the same day after day with very little change while other days it seems like every day is bringing something new, something challenging.  We don’t all have the same symptoms but we all have our struggles and our remedies and that is what helps me with my daily fight.


  I can’t believe where I was one year ago.  I was dealing with flares multiple times a month. I was in physical therapy and seeing my doctor and so desperate that I was considering traveling the country for help.  I was feeling like half a person and even less as a woman.  I was tired, sad, and yet I was also extremely thankful.  No matter how bad I felt I was feeling better then the people I was meeting on the web.  I knew I was doing somethings right and had to embrace the successes while challenging the set backs.  I made a turn some where in the year as I was heading into my 8th year with MCTD and although I battled other things my MCTD flares were taking a back seat.  I went over 300 days without a flare and feel extremely blessed that I was able to enjoy that time with very little worry.  I had twinges where I wasn’t sure but I didn’t sit waiting for the flare to come. 

As you know I have flared and right now I’m at 17 days without a flare.  A couple hundred more days and I’ll be back where I started.  Every day without a flare is a success for me as I’m sure it is for you too.  People that are in “remission” and don’t get flares except in extreme cases, consider yourselves even more blessed.  I want to be where you are some day and looking forward to writing about it.

Thank you body for a great year, thank you husband for a supportive year, thank you family for your love, thank you readers for caring enough to keep reading.


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