I don’t post pictures very often but there is something special about seeing a bunch of people doing yoga together.  Granted this is not our best sides but it is a pose I spent many of the 5 hours in.  Downward facing dog, not my favorite pose even though it is considered a “resting posture” do we look like we are resting?  I consider savassanna my resting pose.

            During the last half hour of the yogathon we did a shaking meditation. I have never done one before but it is exactly what it says.  You just get inside yourself and shake.  Standing in the middle of the Maine Mall we had to let the egos go and just have fun. At one point I heard some woman say “Oh its zumba” that made me laugh and just reminded me not to take myself too seriously.

            The more I’m doing yoga and meeting some really wonderful, down to earth people the more I realize there is no reason to hold on to vanity, insecurity, or uncertainty.  I’m a strong and if I might even add beautiful woman who is learning to be herself in all situations and really enjoying who she is. I found this to be especially true today when I went to hot yoga at lunch time.  It was incredibly hot in there and the room was packed. I was gaining strength from all these high energy people around me and really just giving it all I had.  No holding back, didn’t care I was there on my lunch break and would be returning work, didn’t bother me that I was making everything around me extremely wet, I was in the moment and I was doing great. 

            I have exactly an hour at lunch time so I fly back to work and realize I’m drenched.  Not a little sweaty but soaked all the way through.  I don’t have any meetings this afternoon so I return to my office to catch my breath, cool down and take a minute before getting cleaned up.  You would have thought the people I worked with have never been a sweaty mess before.  Maybe they haven’t but I find it very refreshing, re-energizing, detoxifying and I’m secure in my sweating.  I had to let the ego go and just say this is who I am.  I am a woman that needs to get her sweat on and feels just fine doing it.  Actually, I feel better then fine I feel great.  That is also why I can post the picture of me in downward facing dog, oh and also because you don’t know which one is me!!!!!


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