I am so jazzed to be writing about the Maine Yogathon I participated in on Saturday. When I set out to embark on this challenge consisting of 5 hours of yoga I was really thinking that the cause was so worth it.  It was for Maine Share who’s statement is “Maine Share is about a clean and healthy environment, fair treatment for all, and safe livable communities”  this statement alone is what most yogi’s strive for and honestly most people want this for their own communities.

            This leads me to my moment of hesitation on Saturday morning when I woke up and it was going to 86 degrees.  It is no secret that winter comes early here to Maine and in Oct these types of temperatures are just unheard of.  However, I made a commitment to participate and knowing it was for a good cause I said good-bye to my husband and thank the sun for coming out and headed to my yogathon.

            I was about to be inside for the next 5 hours but I was also going to be doing something I love. As I arrived in the middle of our Maine Mall I was thinking that this was probably not the best place to find my zen. Although I looked around and realized I knew all the instructors that were participating. I knew before I arrived that I had attended each studio but to know the instructors also made me really feel part of this yogi community.

            I took my mat and put it down next to a couple of women that looked like they were in it for the long haul also.  I tried to climb on my mat and climb inside myself to find that place I need to be for a successful practice. Honestly the first few minutes were tough knowing that we were at the mall and people were watching us but very much like life you have to let go of what is happening around you and concentrate on yourself and the people and things that matter most to you.  That is what I did here. I sent love and light to all my loved ones and thanked everyone around me for this opportunity to enjoy so many hours of yoga with some great people.

            As it turned out there were only 3 of us that were there from beginning to end and I felt proud to say I was one of them.  They decided to try it again in January in hopes that even more people would attend since many people saw the nice weather and decided not to go.  I was surprised about the number of people shopping at the mall on such an incredible day but shoppers never stop.

            It was fun, inspiring, and exhausting.  After 5 hours I couldn’t do one more downward facing dog.  My wrists hurt, my shoulders were stiff and my ankles were stiff.  I enjoyed the Bikram reprieve in the middle of the day and when asked at the end what they could do differently it would be to have only 1 or 2 vinyasa flow and incorporate other types of yoga so we weren’t stuck in chaturanga and downward facing dog all 5 hours.  I will be there in January doing it all over again and enjoying hopefully even more.


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