Today is the start of a new month and although I headed out of September feeling pretty low this is a new month and a new start to see how long I can go without a flare again.  It will take me a few days to actually feel like myself again and be at full strength but with every passing day I feel a little stronger.  Right now I’m taking a lot of time to rest and recoup. I’m making sure I’m sleeping in and working out gently when I get up but I’m not pushing myself to hard.  There will come a time very soon when I can push myself again but
right now I am working on resting.

Next weekend is the Maine Yogathon and it is 5 hours of yoga.  All the money raised goes to Maine share which helps different groups here in Maine.  This is a cause that my husband is very involved in so he
asked if I would be interested in doing yoga for 5 hours to raise money.  Of course I would be interested.  I love the idea of being able to yoga all day and help out a cause that my husband believes in and has introduced me to.  I am looking forward to getting my strength back so I can enjoy the full day of yoga.  It will consist of different types of yoga and there are so many people registered that this should be a group full of energy.  I’m looking forward to the whole day of yoga that is just days away.


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