I finally made it home after sitting in the PA airport for nearly 12 hours.  I reached  deep inside myself to find my yogi tools and practiced that deep breathing.  There is nothing like home for me. I have such a good routine with diet, exercise, and sleep at home that when I travel it all goes away no matter how hard I try to keep it in tact. I did get up every morning and went to the fitness club in the hotel.  Most fitness rooms at hotels have nicer equipment then even my gym.  I am usually the only one in there but this time there were
2 other gentlemen I could rely on being there at 5am right along with me.  I got in an hour every day and today when I finally landed I came right home grabbed my stuff and went to Bikram.

My body was so stiff and sore and my skin was hurting so I knew I needed to hit the Bikram studio for some good detoxing.  I was a little sick after no sleep, barely any good food and a body that felt like it had been hit by a truck so I had I to sit out a few postures.  After all this time I would consider myself a veteran but even the people that practice regularly find themselves in situations where Bikram is just tough.  Good, but tough and today was one of those days for me.  I will get back in there tomorrow and probably pull a couple of doubles over the next few days just to get some flexibility back into my body.

Tonight I am very excited to see my husband and be able to just sit and relax with him and find out how his week went.  Quiet is the key for me.


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