Today I’m getting on a plane and traveling this week for work.  Travel in general makes me stressed, tired, and frustrated.  I am already on the brink of frustration after my melt down yesterday but today is a new day and whether I feel like it or not I’m traveling. The stress can cause more harm than anything else so now is the time for my yogi tools to kick in and help me find the calm as I pack my bags and get ready to leave behind my husband and my kitties for a few days.  Although it is only a few days I still don’t like doing it.  We have a nice routine at our house-hold and interruptions don’t do anyone any good.

            Part of my melt down might have been from the stress of traveling.  What I should have done was get up and get a nice long workout but I really needed some rest this morning so I only did 60 minutes this morning.  I will be able to walk around the airports but I won’t count that as exercise time.  That will just be energy I’m burning off in hopes of staying peaceful.


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