Do you ever have those days where you wonder if you are in a brain fog or if everyone else around you just doesn’t make sense? I’m feeling that way today. I honestly don’t know if the people around me aren’t communicating well or if it is me not understanding. This doesn’t happen a lot but when it does it is a little bit frustrating. Perhaps I will get out of this fog soon.

            Yesterday I had walking on my mind since I was starting a walking program at work and spent 120 minutes walking with Leslie Sansone in the morning and then had a nice 60 minute workout at lunch time. I’m logging 180 minutes for the day.  When I have days like this I am logging about 25K steps on my fitbit that is really fun to see.

            I had my doctor apt this week and I was so sure that my blood work was going to come back looking different. I have been feeling so good and my body is very strong these days.  I’m at 305 days without a flare and yes I’m in a fog but physically I am very healthy. I thought I had found the power of mental healing and that my ANA count would be very different.  I asked for my labs so I didn’t have to wait 6 months and I got them today.  They are exactly the same as 6 months ago.  I still feel that there is something to the power of mental healing but obviously I don’t have scientific proof just proof within myself that I feel so much better. My exercising is different and I’m not pushing my body to extremes like I was before. I have changed the way I eat by not eliminating gluten, sugar, or dairy but changing to eating more whole foods and less processed and that is helping me feel better. I wanted the science to be my back up with my conversation to the doctor but I can’t say I have science I just have feelings.


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