Yesterday I spoke about going back to physical therapy.  I believe a steady regiment of P.T will help me make through it the winter months when my body isn’t as cooperative as it is perhaps in the summer time. Which is also why I felt like I could take the summer off. Actually I didn’t take the entire summer off but it has been over 6 weeks since I had been there.   They were very pleased with my progress and thought I was looking and doing great.

            My physical therapy isn’t working with balls or bands or any exercise like that but it is integrative therapy or moving of energy throughout the body.  Believe it or not this can be very exhausting and I actually left there not feeling all that great.  I think it has been so long that some of the toxicants had made me feel ill. This feeling carried throughout the night and I still woke up feeling sick with a headache. I don’t expect this to happen with every appointment and I’ll go back to regular appointments which will help also.

            This brings me to my challenge for day 13, I went to 90 of Bikram and that was it for the entire day.  I even looked at my fitbit at the end of the day and only registered 4850 steps.  This is very unusual for me but if I don’t feel well then I’m not going to push myself over the edge either.  Slow day but I still got in yoga and that is something.


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