I took the summer off from a lot of stuff including my physical therapy appointments but with the change of the season and the cold weather on the horizon it is time to get back into regular appointments and make sure this body is strong all winter long. I have successfully dropped to 4.5mg of prednisone without any issues thus far and if I want to continue to drop down I need the physical therapy to ensure my success.  I have also completed 295 days of being flare-up free.  My next doctor appointment is next week and honestly I have so much to discuss with him in regards to where I go next. I’m hoping he says I should continue to drop my prednisone even though I know I should be at the next level for at least a month to ensure my body accepts it but I feel strong now.

            Perhaps there are new things we can look at and explore so I don’t have to be on so many medications.  What I like about my doctor is that he doesn’t believe medication is the end all be all of managing MCTD and therefore very open to all ideas.  The only problem is that I have explored all the ideas I know of and could use some ideas from him.  That is a little more difficult but perhaps he has some new tricks up his sleeve since the last time I saw him.  I’m also hoping that my blood work shows some changes for the better.

            For the Sept challenge I did 180 minutes yesterday and felt great. I got in a 90 minutes in the morning 60 minutes at lunch time and another 30 after work.  I really enjoy breaking my workout into 3 segments throughout the day because then I feel like my body is always working but I’m not fatiguing it with 180 minutes of consecutive work.


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