Yesterday had so much to offer in terms of just being an extremely wonderful, glorious, and relaxing day.  I had woken early to get first fresh air since my days of being outside are coming to an end pretty quickly not to mention how dark it is now first thing in the morning also.  It didn’t stop me though since I was able to get in 120 minutes of working out and followed that up with 90 minutes of Bikram.  I will log a total of 210 minutes of exercise but believe me my day didn’t end there.  It was such a perfect day for so much fun.

            It was actually one of those days that was perfect for apple picking and then baking a pie with the fresh apples.  The chill in the air was just brisk enough that running the oven wasn’t going to be a big deal.  I didn’t go apple picking but I did have fresh blueberries that I had been saving for a cobbler and yesterday I made one.  The house smelled so sweet. As I was getting my ingredients out of the cabinet I realized all I had were gluten-free flours and although I’m not technically gluten-free these days I’m also not going to let good flour go to waste.  One cannot really tell when gluten-free flour is being used or not unless you actually bring it up.  My cobbler was bubbling blueberries and so tasty.  It was a perfect fall treat. Not to mention that yesterday was also the start of football season.  Considering I grew up in Nebraska with the Cornhuskers and now live in New England football is a big deal in my house. 

            For the first day of the season I made a big chili that could be used for nachos, burritos, or just right out of the bowl with a little cheese.  Again the aroma of chili was just filling the house with scent of Autumn.  The college kids knew that they would find most people at home this afternoon so we were also bombarded with the yearly “will you donate, will you buy, you will participate” and one thing I don’t do well is say no to kids of any age.  My husband just smiles and says you came to the right house as the games are blaring in the background. 

            Our Patriots don’t actually play until tonight so we’ll still be celebrating the start of football season and hoping that all our players stay healthy. I’m sorry to see summer go but when it goes it is time to embrace Autumn which is what we are doing by eating more and packing on the winter weight.  Wait, that isn’t such a good thing!!!


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