Yesterday was day 4 of my challenge and a good exercise day. I ended up doing 120 minutes.  I spent the entire time at the gym with some regulars who were there to knock it out as well since with the Holiday the gym won’t be opened until later in the morning and closing at noon.  They along with myself were trying to get in the last real calorie burn before the eating of BBQ Labor Day festivities begin.

This weekend is the last weekend of summer. I know the calendar says we still have 3 weeks left but we all know once football starts, school is back in session, and Labor comes and goes that means summer and all its fun is pretty much over.  The seasons are changing and there will be wardrobe changes happening soon, nights cool off so much that the furnace kicks on, and the days keep getting shorter and shorter.

This is the perfect time of year to spend as much time as possible in the Bikram studio. It is warm in there but not humid and I can cool off when I come out without freezing.  I actually did sauna therapy yesterday after my workout but it wasn’t quite the same. I was just hot. Not sweating the fluid off but instead just hot with no sweating.  I like the sauna but I really prefer the Bikram studio for releasing fluid from the joints.


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