Yesterday for day 3 of my September challenge I did 90 minutes of exercise.  It was a quick because I had a nice day planned with my husband.  We followed up my exercise with  trip to the Boothbay Botanical Gardens.  It threatened rain so we had the place mostly to ourselves.  We walked around smelling, touching and admiring all the wonderful plants.  There were delicate ones, prickly ones, large ones, and some of the most beautiful colored ones.

Amongst all the purple, yellow, white and reds we ran into what they refered to as Carmel. The picture is above. It looked like a bit of Autumn mixed in with the summer-time display of gardens.  The rose area was incredible and I really enjoyed our time at the meditation garden.  We sat quietly holding hands and really enjoying each other’s company.

Once we had finished at the gardens we headed to Boothbay Harbor where my husband got lobsters right off the boat.  They steam them for you and you find a picnic table to sit down and eat.  We watched all the other tourists there getting their lobsters as well and just thought what an amazing place we live in.  It was nice being a tourist for the day.


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