As of Friday afternoon all of the east coast patiently awaited the arrival of Hurricane Irene.  There was a lot of hype about this storm and news crews out all day and evening giving updates about where the eye of the storm was and how fast it was coming to land.  It did arrive just as predicted and landed in the Carolina’s.  On Saturday morning everyone is getting in touch with loved ones making sure people were safe and sound and then also checking on us to make sure we are preparing in Maine.  My brother-in-law who lives in PA contacted us on Sat and said it would “fizzle to a drizzle” by the time it hit Maine.  We were hoping he was right. 

        Saturday was our prepare day, we got water ready, food, and brought everything inside that was not nailed down.  I didn’t know what Sunday was going to look like but I felt confident I had done all I could on Saturday to prepare.  We spent the rest of the day having fun and enjoying some time together.

            Sunday morning we woke up and it seemed relatively calm outside so I headed to my Bikram class.  There were a few die hard Bikram yogis there and the class was a lot of fun and I did much better than I have been doing in there.  All in all we were doing very well in Maine.  Afternoon rolled around and the rains started but the storm wasn’t really due in until 4pm so we were watching a movie and not paying much attention when the lights went off at 1pm.  Now looking back on it there was so much I should have done before those lights went off but it really didn’t seem to be doing much outside.  Well today we are still without power but I have a refrigerator and freezer full of food that I will need to throw away tonight.  They are expecting most of Maine to get power back today and we are hopeful we are in that group but we are also realistic and know we are pretty far out there.  Not a lot of reason for them to hurry and get us turned back on when they have other areas that have higher priority.

            I am thankful that all we lost was power.  We made it safely, un-injured, and everything still standing around us.  We have no damage other than some bushes that took it kind of hard but in the grand scheme of what they were predicting for this storm my brother-in-law was right it did fizzle to a drizzle.  Not every state on the east coast can say that and there are people with severe property damage as well as loss of life.  One might ask did they hype this storm more than necessary.  The answer would be different depending on the person asked.  For someone like me who got the better end of the storm might say it was hyped but those that are feeling loss might say it wasn’t hyped enough.  I can’t begin to pretend what it feels like to be in the eye of a hurricane and survive because that didn’t happen here.  The eye of the storm had broken apart long before it reached us but in Ms. Irene’s path she left behind destruction with some pretty severe winds.  Let’s hope Ms. Irene doesn’t have any friends wanting to make their way up the east coast and we can call it the end of Hurricane season with her.


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