No surprise to anyone that I would be writing about my nephew on his official 1 year birthday.  What a ride this year has been and so much fun.  He is learning all kinds of new things and experiencing so much.  Not only is he walking/running and seeing the world from an upright position to get a better look he is also experiencing all new tastes.  His mom has decided that since he is a year old new foods can be introduced to him which is very exciting for all of us.  I wouldn’t feed him anything I wouldn’t eat myself and my whole family pretty much eats very healthy so let’s see what have we introduced to him so far.  We gave him lobster which he loved, no butter since we didn’t want him to get sick but just the lobster meat and like a true family member he devoured it.

We gave him my favorite cookie, a hermit, which I was so surprised he liked it since they are pretty distinct in flavor of clover, ginger and molasses but he loved it.  Cheese is a big in this kid’s life and so far he likes it all, Gouda, cheddar, Swiss, mozzarella, goat, and parmesan.  He also ate a spicy pasta salad with red pepper flakes and loved it.  This was actually too hot for my tender mouth and since I eat only mild foods this one was not my idea but that little guy doesn’t mind spice in the least.  We have introduced all kinds of fruits which is A+ in his book and all kinds of vegetables as well.  I love the fact that he is eating this stuff and enjoying it.  So many times kids don’t like certain foods and grow up thinking they will never like them.  Not true little ones, food is good especially all fruits and vegetables.

He is a child that is not going without tons of love and in my book I don’t think you can give a child too much love.  It takes all kinds of people to well round a child and this little guy has some of the best people in his life.  Of course I’m biased but it is my blog so anything goes.  I do hope when he gets a little older that he shares his first ice cream with myself and my husband since every summer my husband and I make it our personal goal to hit every ice cream stand in a 10 mile radius.  If there is a weakness of ours it would be ice cream but this has been our thing since we met.  I don’t know if it is the ice cream or the together, ritual we love so much. I hope to share that with my nephew when his taste buds are ready for sugar.  Not too soon though!

Happy Birthday Little Prince may this year and every year that follows bring you love, joy, happiness, and great treasures.

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