I had some of my most pleasurable talks on the dock with my different family members.  Our dock faced one of the only lighthouses on a lake in Maine called Ladies Delight. Just off the edge of the lighthouse were 3 islands referred to as Three Sisters.  This could not have been more perfect since the ladies in my life are my true delight and I enjoy sharing individual moments with each of them.  One of my favorite people is my sister of course which was perfect to be having sister conversations with her as we just watched the wildlife circle our Three Sister islands off in the distance.

            She is such a smart young woman in the NP program at Penn and really enjoying learning all about the hospital, patients, illnesses, and especially learning how to help these patients.  She is very connected to each one she meets and I just know she will be a great success in her future endeavors.  We  had lots of talks about what she was learning, what she wanted to do with her future and just what life was like as a student at Penn.  She has the entire world at her fingertips and can do whatever she wants with that knowledge.  She is so bright and will be a huge success. I hope one day I have a NP that has those wide opened eyes ready to heal and make life a little easier for her patients.  I typically see doctors who have been doing this along time and although I respect their experience and wisdom sometimes having fresh eyes appeal to me also especially since medicine changes all the time.  Having one bag of tricks for all patients isn’t my favorite philosophy.  My sister and I’s medical paths will probably never cross in the world of medicine but I would enjoy very much having someone just like her take me into a room and start my exam. 

            I got to share nice moments with my mother all week as well since she and I spent a lot of time on the dock together and on the boat together.  She is a lady’s delight for sure and one of my best friends.  She and I have grown from mother/daughter to true friends over the course our lives and I like this relationship the most. I cherish our time together at camp. I kid her a lot and probably more then she would like honestly but it is all in love. 

            The last Lady of delight is my sister-in-law. She is such a wonderful mother and I envy her so but in such a loving way. She is kind and organized and was our “party planner” most of the week. This is first time in many years that she and my brother were with us the entire week.  It was nice having them there.  My nephew was the hit of the week as he should be.  I enjoyed having him there all week and watching what a typical life in their house-hold looks like.  To my lady readers who are moms you guys are incredible. I really don’t know how you run a house-hold even in extreme fatigue situations. I was relaxed but exhausted most of the week and it was nothing more than just living.  I had a private moment with my husband and as much as I would love to call myself a mother I just don’t think I would have the stamina day in and day out.  I loved the week with my family and look forward to many more years of camp life with them.  My husband is a real trooper spending the week with my family every year in case I don’t say it enough.


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