Last week my husband and myself with my entire family headed to the lake to unplug, relax, and have some good old fashioned family time.  It all starts with a convoy of vehicles. This is our 6th year so my husband and I have gotten very good at packing what we need for the week in just one car.  That cannot be said for the other members of my family. Our one car has two Hobie Kayaks on the top and in the rest is filled with food, drinks, clothing, fishing gear, lake gear, and us.  We take our time getting there since there is no need to
drive fast on vacation and we are pretty well weighed down.  Around the corner is my father with a rowing shell on top and the of his much bigger vehicle packed with camp/lake house gear.  My mother is next packed in a large vehicle with what else, the food and drinks for the week. My sister follows with just herself in a rather large vehicle and all her clothing and but of course my mother’s golf clubs.  Next up with my brother and my nephew hauling a boat filled with everything this baby is going to need for a week and a few items for mom and dad.  Who knew a boat would come in so handy for hauling stuff? This is our first year with a motor boat at camp and it was a blast.  Last in line is my sister-in-law and her mother.  These ladies know how to arrive at camp, as they pull up in their jeep wrangler, top down and their hair blowing in the wind.  We have all arrived so the let unpacking begin.

As you might already have guessed it is easier for the women to head inside with food and drinks and bedding and the gentlemen to head dock side with boats, kayaks, shells, fishing gear and camp life
gear. It takes a good hour to unpack and settle but we finish perfectly in time for happy hour.  Out comes the first round of food and drink and it is a good idea to pace yourself since it is a long week. There is no shortage of eating and drinking at camp but I am particularly careful with the drinking so I don’t stiffen up and
become even more swollen then normal.

This place is wonderfully quiet and we quickly learn that between the house and the dock are 65 stairs. However, I wore I my pedometer and my mother counted that it actually took us 109 foot steps from door
to dock.  Needless to say we got some exercise even on vacation. Finally our last day there we got smart and started packing coolers and other essentials to take dock side to limit our need for going back and forth that many steps.  Amazing how you’ll just do without oh sunscreen to avoid going back up the stairs if you just came down them.

My phone was off  the minute we arrived. Since everyone I would need to talk to was with me and I went into quiet mode.  Technology is great but quiet is even better.

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