We have a walker.  My nephew has decided that crawling is no longer working for him and he needs to be seeing the world from a standing position.  He is taking one baby step at a time and enjoying each and every one of those steps unless of course he falls and hurts himself then he isn’t really enjoying it but he gets back up and takes a few more.  It is amazing to me that this little prince of mine is walking.  This is just the beginning, I have thoroughly enjoyed all his new adventures and journeys but this one made me teary.  This is where he goes from being our baby to the little boy in the family.  Soon there will be all kinds of words to follow those footsteps, namely “no” or “mine” or “why” but I’m ready for all of them.

            My brother and his wife are excellent parents and are raising an extremely calm wonderful little boy.  He is easy to be around and a joy to watch and learn from.  I have enjoyed the last year so much.  He is not quite 1 yet but only a couple weeks away.  I’m not expecting any other big milestones between now and his first birthday but I do expect to see a lot of changes.  I’m spending the week with him and cannot wait to really feel what it feels like to have a child for an entire week.  This is a first for me and although I am resolved with the fact that I will not have children of my own I do enjoy moments where I can pretend.


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