The weekend came and went quickly however in the midst of the crazy I did find my “good wolf” she was hiding for a long time but eventually came out to grace us with her presence.  My husband and I were running around all weekend getting ready for our vacation.  It means a lot of shopping, a ton of packing, even more organizing and yes even some bickering.  We treated ourselves and celebrated his birthday Saturday for dinner.  As we sat there about to enjoy a wonderful dinner and a lovely evening he asked me if I had found my calm.  I wanted so badly to tell him yes but instead my mind was racing with everything I still needed to do the next day.  I wanted this to be a great birthday for him but really the fun will begin when we are truly on vacation and until then it really is just another day for him.  It will be special in some cases. I bought him tree that will be planted so we can watch the tree grow year after year and yes be reminded that indeed the years come and they go but it is a symbol of my love that I want to celebrate the living, giving, and love with him year after year after year.

            Would he prefer the new gadget or something really “guy fun” I thought yes but he was so touched by the tree that I knew I had picked out the perfect gift for him.  I couldn’t very well ask him to plant his own tree so someone else will be doing the hard work when the weather is right.

            On Sunday we went running around to get all the things we were going to need and went home.  My husband made dinner so I could finish packing and we sat.  We sat together not saying much just enjoying the quiet and each other’s company and at that moment my “good wolf” arrived.  She was mellow, content, satisfied, happy, and loving. It was good to have her back and hopefully she sticks around for a little longer.

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