Ever just find yourself looking for that weekend and wishing it was here already?  I’m in that weekend mode wishing I could honestly say the weekend has arrived.  I’m not at that point quite yet but I feel like the fatigue of my body and mind make not make it.  Slight exaggeration but I do feel extremely fatigued today and honestly the last couple days.  I’m walking a little slower, doing a whole lot less, and just taking it step by step in hopes that soon this fatigue will lift. 

            The fog hovering over my brain is just being an annoyance and most things are triggering my edgy side.  I keep referring back to “feeding the good wolf” and desperate to find that good wolf. She is in there and although she hides sometimes I know she’ll re-surface soon.  The bad wolf cannot win this time or anytime as far as I’m concerned.  I am taking my 2nd long walk for the day trying to clear my head, regain some strength and relieve the stress.  I’m guessing this won’t be my last one today either.  Tomorrow I’ll get into the Bikram studio and really let this stress go but by then I’m hoping the fatigue has lessened.


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