I spent the entire weekend taking care of me and spending time with my husband as he also took care of me.  It is not easy to just allow others to help me but there are times that a little nurturing goes a long way and this was one of those weekends.  We didn’t see my nephew although my brother asked if I would watch him but I just needed some serious quiet time and took that time for myself.

The heat stuck around all weekend so my husband and I stuck close to the water.  I had such a good dunk in the water and although it was a bit cold at first it felt so good. I didn’t stay in it too long for fear of Raynaud’s
but the quick dunk was just what I needed.  We spent a lot of time talking and laughing and doing what we should be doing.  Sometimes we get caught up in everyone’s life and we forget that we are the 2 most
important people in our family. My husband can also rest easy when he knows I’m taking it easy and he needed a weekend of resting easy.

Summer comes and goes quickly and we are desperate to get as much in as possible since the season is so short but this was not one of those weekends, this was a be grateful for what we have and that we have each other and remember the love the laughter we have together when it is just the 2 of us.  We did however, start packing for our upcoming “camp vacation”  this is not camping in a tent but instead renting a house on a nearby lake, not our lake as that would not be a vacation so we do travel but then we unload the many cars that arrive with food, drinks, toys, music and people. This year we will have between 10-12 people at any
given time for the week so we need to pack a lot.  We spent most of Saturday just going through all the stuff we wanted to eat and drink while we are there.  We eat like kings and queens at camp, not that
it is all that healthy but it sure tastes good.  This will be the first time in a long time that I’m going to camp and not eating gluten free.  It will make shopping, cooking, preparing meals, and sharing food so much easier. I have always had to pack my own stuff and be careful.  This year I’ll just be fun and fancy free and just eat all the stuff that everyone else is eating too. 

This vacation is so good for us because we both get to unplug together.  Granted it isn’t quiet with all the people but the idea is quiet and the lake is quiet.  The mornings are quiet, the evenings are quiet and we get to do the thing we love most which is getting out on the lake early in the mornings and kayaking all day.  We don’t really know what happens in the rest of the world the week we are at camp but it doesn’t matter, real life is always there when we resurface back into life afterward.


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