I woke up this morning and left my house at 4am, it was already 82 degrees. This is probably nothing new for many of you around the country but this is unheard of for Maine. The air was so warm and yet so thick I knew I was not going to have to worry about Raynaud’s this morning. As I was headed to gym for some cardio, and weight training I also decided I would jump in a class this morning over at the gym. However, just like life I changed my mind. I saw one of my yogi’s at the gym and she said let’s go to Bikram there won’t be that many people there since most everyone is staying away from the studio during this heat wave.

            I got to Bikram and it was hot, the heat was turned way up before the bodies even started to enter the studio.  There turned out to be about 30 of us that were all thinking the same thing that not that many people would be there on a day as hot as this.  Well the bodies started to pile in and the humidity and temperature went up and went up fast.  I actually laughed to myself and just decided to enjoy this practice as much as possible and I wouldn’t worry if I was still hot and sweaty after class I would just sit in my a/c car for a while cooling down and feeling the effects of Raynaud’s with the a/c.  That is the problem with me and a/c is that I don’t have to be in it but a minute and I’m in full blown Raynaud’s with purple fingers. 

            I actually had a really great practice.  The people that were there were all the regulars that exude incredible focus and energy and I just fed off of that energy.  My postures were so balanced and strong probably because my body was so warm it was willing to be twisted into any posture I put it in.  I also hadn’t been to Bikram much this week due to the heat so it felt good to be back in there.  I didn’t want to push it too much since I haven’t been feeling like myself but once I was in it I was pushing through it and watching myself do incredible things.  I do enjoy seeing my body make the changes and strides in healthy ways and thankful that my body is even able to perform like this.  The heat is on and as much as I love this I know a lot of people don’t.  My husband would prefer it not be so hot but he knows I would take this any day over cold.


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