Many months ago I wrote about doing a Bikram silent practice and haven’t had the chance to do one since until today I arrived for my 6am class along with one other person. Yes, only 2 of us showed up for the morning class. The instructor sadly told us she was going to have to cancel class. I was prepared to just head over to the gym and get my work out in any way when she quickly changed her mind and said we would do a silent class together and she would join us.

A silent class is just what you would think. Once you have been going to Bikram for a while the sequence is the same, the postures are the same and the timing is the same. Once you know how to do the postures the instructions are helpful but sometimes it is just nice to flow through the sequence with quiet and hear your own breathing. This is what we did and I felt so good. Our instructor will say begin and end between postures but really she didn’t even have to do that, the 3 of us were flowing nicely and feeding off of each other’s energy.

I actually felt like I was able to push myself more in each posture and maybe that was because I wasn’t distracted by words or noise or other people moving around. We didn’t take water breaks or towel breaks. We did take savasana between each pose, but there were a few postures that we decided to do the advanced version instead of the beginner version. The typical Bikram routine is for beginners and really for the first 10 years of a beginners practice but there are some more advanced versions that we don’t get to do in class with other students here it was us 3 and we have been doing this a long time so we advanced together that was really fun.

I was so tired but felt so accomplished. I was pleased she didn’t cancel class ended up giving me even a better class then if 20 people would have shown up. I don’t know the next time I’ll be able to do a silent class since they really don’t happen often for me but it was fabulous. I have the Bikram workout at home and should practice my own silent practice at home, only my room won’t be 105 degrees or these days it is even 110 degrees in there. I don’t mind the heat but my husband will never go for our room being that hot.


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