I say a distant friend returns with some sarcasm since the friend is my good old sore throat.  I woke up with it yesterday morning and ignored it as long as I could.  It was causing my neck to ache.  Eventually it did go away but I was really surprised to have gotten one.  I haven’t had a MCTD sore throat in quite awhile since it didn’t turn into anything other than just the annoying sore throat for a few hours it makes me think what did I do to cause it? Perhaps it was nothing I did and just my body responding to something out of my control. 

I have been weight training more and my muscles need to heal in between sessions so I was thinking that maybe during the healing process it triggered a sore throat.  I had no body issues and took it easy during my Bikram practice.  I was way over heated after Bikram to the point where my teeth were numb but nothing further came of that either.  I ended up treating my day like a normal day and things got back to normal fairly quickly.  However, this morning I’m feeling fatigue even though I slept well and long and I do have a bit of the MCTD sore throat again.  Today I’m going to really take it easy and just walk this morning and gentle yoga at lunch time.  I think I need to lay off of the weight training for a few days and see if my body goes back to normal. I could just chalk it up to a weird day in the body of a person with MCTD but weird I can handle, but flares I don’t want.


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