I made a minor detour in my schedule yesterday morning.  I was on my way to Bikram but as I was driving there I realized that it was really a hot and muggy morning even for 4am and I had a change of heart and didn’t want to face the hot of the Bikram studio.  I always have enough bags of stuff with me to make switches when needed and since I work out more than once a day I usually have enough clothes with me for any type of work out I’m interested in.  At that split moment I decided I would be better off hitting the gym and doing some weight training and cardio.  However, once I got there I found out they do a power yoga
first thing in the morning.  Perfect, I was going to get in some yoga today after all.

I grabbed my mat out of my car and before class got in some weight training and stretching and then headed to power yoga. It was so refreshing since I was able to work hard and yes I was hot and sweaty but nothing like how I would have felt in a Bikram studio this morning.  My muscles were working, my heart rate was up, my legs, shoulders, arms, back, and core were getting stretched and pulled and pushed and everything just
felt wonderful.  I realized that in the summer time when it is naturally hot we really don’t have to turn the heat up in the studio to get our body temperatures up.  The hot vinyasa and Bikram are wonderful all year long but sometimes change is good and this was a nice compliment to a daily yoga routine for me.  I may have to take advantage of this early morning power yoga class more often. This allows me to give my body a break from the Bikram routine and mentally focus on something else while still doing for my joints and

The weight training has really come a long way for me and I’m making more of an effort to really build my muscles and make myself stronger. I am not looking to be thin but instead want to look strong.  That would make me very happy if I looked as strong as I feel.


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