This is the time of year that I just love and being outside is every chance I get.  I am Lilly white 9 months out of the year and although I burn easily I still enjoy being in the sun.  I wear sunscreen most of the time but I have actually burned this summer once really badly and from then on just watched and only spend a few minutes without sunscreen then quickly apply it.  I bring this up because too much sun exposure can actually
cause a lupus type rash on the body.  My doctor has recommended that I am extra careful with sun exposure even though I don’t have lupus it can be an overlap disease to MCTD and therefore even people with MCTD are susceptible to lupus rashes. 

There can be scarring with lupus rashes depending on the severity of them and how often a person gets them.  Since I had a rash this past winter and there is question whether it was caused by medication or if it was a lupus type rash I guess I need to be extra careful with sun exposure.  As much as I love the sun I don’t want a rash of any sort.  In the winter time when I had the rash it was bearable since I was in turtle necks and long pants everyday so no one saw it.  In the summer time I would not want to be tucked into a bunch of clothes trying to hide some rash that they wouldn’t be able to pinpoint what it was.

Even with my skin biopsies there was question as to what really caused my rash and since I have not had one since I’m guessing it was induced by the antibiotic I was taking.  Although, I really don’t want to take many chances with that so I’ll continue my couple of minutes and lotion up really well for the next several weeks.  Before I know it, it will start turning to fall around here and my summer days will come to an end. I want to safely enjoy it as much as I possibly can right now.

In the rest of the country where summer is long and luscious you probably don’t have those worries and perhaps even look forward to a little autumn relief from the heat but here we hold on as long as we possibly can before it turns on us.


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