I was struggling in Bikram yesterday morning and wondering why my body felt so tired.  I know I had a crazy weekend but I didn’t really feel tired until I started doing Bikram and realized I could have just laid on my mat instead of doing the stretches and exercises.  After class I spoke to the instructor and asked if this could be normal and she confirmed that yes it is.  Just like anything if you run, walk, or use a type of machine everyday eventually your body gets tired of that exercise.

I have been doing nearly daily Bikram and my body is just tired of the exercise.  This doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t continue to do it especially since Bikram is mostly a mental practice and I’m not in jeopardy of hurting myself unless I just don’t do the postures correctly but that won’t happen. I will stop and rest before I force my body into an incorrect posture.  Yoga is an exercise that can be done daily and I have been doing different types of yoga but mentally and a little bit physically my body is ready for something else.  I’m going to listen to my body and still go to Bikram as many times as I can this week but there will be a morning or 2 where if I really feel tired I will get up and go for a nice long walk outside.  The sun is up early, the air is fresh and my favorite part of the day is first thing in the morning when I can get first fresh air.  I spend the rest of the day sharing air with everyone around me but that time of the morning very few people are up and very few cars are mucking up my air so I will take full advantage of it.

Perhaps on the mornings where I walk I can get a yoga session at lunch or after work.  My home practice has lacked since I’m going to so many classes.  The first thing I learned was that I need a home yoga practice but I get too distracted and end up cutting it short or not doing it at all. I guess that is part of the challenge to stay focused in your home practice and make sure you continually tell yourself you deserve this 90 minutes on your mat.  I know I deserve the yoga practice, I know I deserve good health and I make my appointments for myself to get in the exercise I need but I prefer to do it away from the house.  This practice of focus will come with time and a little practice here and there and I’ll get it but right now I am more focused on just making sure I get in my daily yoga.

When I was with my trainer I was telling him how much I love the yoga but after all these weeks even I don’t think it is really enough.  He asked if I was ready for 30 min of cardio a day.  Honestly, yes I’m ready for some cardio. My cardio doesn’t have to be 90 minutes on the elliptical every day but I can find it in other ways.  He thinks mentally I’ll feel stronger also since I was such a “cardio queen” and then stopped cold turkey.  He was actually surprised I lasted as long as I did but knew I needed to make some changes and
that I wanted to explore new avenues.  He doesn’t believe a person needs 90 min of cardio every day to be healthy and still believes for me the yoga is great because of my body and joints but a little cardio when I feel up to it is a benefit too.

Changes are made all the time and new feelings come into view each day.  What felt good yesterday doesn’t necessarily mean that it will for today or tomorrow. I need to just go with how I am feeling and do what
works for that day.  Many times I’m in the middle of something before I realize I should have made a different decision but that just happens and I keep on going.  I won’t leave the Bikram studio because I’m tired I’ll just adjust the next day.

Today is a raining day in Portland Maine and perfect time to head to the gym for 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weight training at lunch time.  It will give me a good boost on this dreary day and give me energy for the afternoon while taking care of my body and pleasing my trainer as well as mentally helping me get back into the cardio mode.  I will probably jump into a couple of kick boxing classes also just to mix it up this week and find some fun in cardio again. 


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