I had a training session with my trainer and there was so much I wanted to discuss with him before we even started.  I wanted to tell him how well my shoulders and wrists are holding up during my daily yoga sessions and how all this downward facing dog is strengthening and fatiguing my “fragile” joints that aren’t all that fragile these days. 

He really wanted to see how far I have come and was willing to push me to some limits during this session.  He did say to me before we started that he would be asking quite a bit from me and if there were things I couldn’t do then that was fine, this session was about seeing my progress and seeing where we needed to go from here.  There is no judgment from him or myself if I’m not able to do some of the exercises.  Fair enough, I was on board and ready to be pushed.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little nervous to some extent with the unknown of what I was going to be asked to and if I couldn’t do something would I end up hurting myself trying.  Time to feed the good wolf and
try, I amazed myself for the week I was on my retreat and what I was capable of and this is just another chance to amaze myself again or find out where my week links are and work on them.  I rocked it; yes
I’m saying that about myself with confidence.  He was so amazed by how far I have come and couldn’t believe he was asking me to do things he asks his seasoned clients and I was doing it. My form was good, which is because I did every exercise slowly to make sure that I didn’t hurt myself.  My upper back, lower back, stomach, and arms are really strong right now.  Having a strong back and core is the key to everything else I do and with the yoga it constantly works on the core while strengthening the back.  This is why many people with back problems turn to yoga for help in strengthening it and elevating some pain.

By the end of the hour my body was fatigued and shaking, but nothing hurt and I now have a new routine to add to my repertoire.  He is doing amazing things for me and I’m really enjoying watching my own progress as well it really feels good to hear it from my trainer as well just how far I’ve come.  He looked at me at one point and said there would be no way you would have been able to do this stuff when you first walked in.
He was so right but wasn’t that why I started working with him in the first place?  Seriously, I have been making some really good decisions for myself recently and this is one of them.  My concentration for this summer is on having fun, practicing yoga and making sure I weight train 2-3 times a week.

He thought my eating was much better as well, funny considering I have been mimicking what I ate at Kripalu although he would like to see more protein so my new found muscles have enough nourishment.  He hasn’t leaded me wrong thus far so I’m adding more plant proteins to my diet.  It has been an amazing several weeks for me.


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