I had a PT appointment yesterday and they are just amazed at how well I’m doing.  I explained to them that I decided after being at Kripalu that gluten is not my issue but eating processed foods was and that I have been putting gluten back into my diet but eating the freshest breads made with the best ingredients and not doing much with pasta at all these days as well as not snacking on treats or sugary gluten ridden cereals.  Having good foods with gluten or not is the key for me.  I need a well rounded diet of all things and a little bit of everything here and there is the balance for me.

Actually in one of my nutrition classes at Kripalu the instructor actually said that about 10 years ago when their clients would go off of gluten they would see major improvements but now that there are all kinds of gluten free snacks, cakes, cookies, breads, and pasta they aren’t see the major changes.  Their thought is that before there weren’t major companies making all kinds of gluten free foods they were reduced to eating whole foods and now with all the gluten free options they are full of sugar, sodium and ingredients many people cannot pronounce.  I believe this as well and that is why I have reintroduced it into my diet and my life and just very conscience about the foods I want in my body.

They weren’t so on board with the gluten but they can’t deny what they see when I walk into their office every week, feeling good and staying limber, mobile and healthy.  They did think that I was probably ready to wrap up my sessions and discontinue my weekly sessions.  I’m all on board about cutting down my sessions but I don’t want them to kick me out of the program.  I truly believe regular sessions has been part of my success and even if I go once a month perhaps that will be enough to get the job done and keep me healthy.  As I have written many times before I cannot pin point my success but I don’t really think I need to pinpoint it at this point I just need to stay consistent and listen to my body.

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