This is our first year using our local farm and buying a share of a crop. Honestly I don’t know why didn’t do this sooner other then I think we just didn’t know we could. It is such a great way to get fresh organic vegetables with some fruits that are in season each week and support our local farms. I learned about this while at bikram and decided to look into further.

Once I had the information and shared it with my husband he was totally on board and couldn’t wait for our first bag to arrive. It runs from June – October and our bag consists of whatever has been picked that week. We have learned about new vegetables such as Kohlrabi which is a mix between and turnip and a radish but very delicious. Prior to this I didn’t know what a Kohlrabi was nor had I even heard of one therefore if I saw it in the store I wasn’t likely to pick it up and take it home. I did learn how to cook it and store it and now really enjoy when I see that sea urchin type vegetable in my bag.

We have also received strawberries which is such a delight. They are so sweet and unfortunately the first things to go in our bag. We are enjoying making new recipes and I have become quite the master of kale. I had heard a lot about this green leafy vegetable in Kripalu and now that I’m seeing it weekly in bag I am coming up with tasty delights using kale. It is very good for us and therefore we are thoroughly enjoying it.

The farm has a program where you can go and volunteer on the farm so in essence you are helping to harvest the food you will be eating that week. The concept is great and I think we are going to take a day and go volunteer our time. I’m from the Midwest originally and have been on my fair share of farms but I have never picked fruits or vegetables that I was going to eat. This will be a new experience for me and especially for my Bostonian husband. We will be doing it together, sweating, dirty, laughing and being grateful the next time when I just get to “pick up our bag” from the farmer.


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