I made it home late last night and although I really could have slept my body was stiff and sore from travel. I decided to get up early and go to Bikram to loosen up. I’m glad I did because once I got done with the workout my body felt so much better. Before I entered the studio my legs really didn’t want to carry anywhere. I will admit I’m in sneakers for the day trying to rest my feet as well. During flight my fingers and feet blew up into huge balloons so sweating a ton was beneficial to get some fluid off.

Travel is not good for my body. The sitting in an airplane, the stress of traveling, and the food I eat, the lack of sleep I get and the walking around for hours upon hours in shoes that look good but are nowhere near comfortable all add to my anguish about traveling. I’m always ready to get home and will take crazy late flights just to ensure I get an extra night in my bed. This is kind of what I did last night. I was home a little before 10:00pm got all my stuff packed for the next day and was up at 4am to head to my Bikram class.

I’m sure I will pay for this trip for a few days but I have the weekend coming up and although this is a holiday weekend this is one of those times that I must take care of me and lay low. It hasn’t happened in a while and I have felt so good about my body and mind but right now is a time when I need some rest and therefore rest is what I’ll take. It doesn’t mean we won’t have fun but it does mean I will not push myself or put myself in any situations that may further cause me lack of sleep or eat food that is not satisfactory to my system. The food was big for me since I was just coming off my yoga retreat and eating so much better at home. I arrived in Denver which is a wonderful city by the way and has so many fabulous restaurants but my system needs easily digestible foods and limit on sugars and salts. I have decided that my body does well on the simplest of foods, no spice, salt, sugar, or heavy foods such as meats and dairy products. I have been experimenting this month with different types of foods and seeing what I really can tolerate and what makes me feel a little off. Gluten has not been an issue for me at all but meats and dairy have been. I do find eliminating dairy daunting but limiting it seems like something my mind will tolerate.


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