I just wrote in my blog yesterday about how strong I was feeling even after a jammed packed weekend and how fatigue had not risen its ugly head in my direction.  How a day can change.  As the day went on yesterday and into the evening I was becoming increasingly more fatigued.  I ended up going to bed even earlier then normal and sleeping soundly throughout the night.  This morning I’m still feeling the effects of fatigue but honestly I think it may be more mental then physical.

I’m leaving for Denver this morning and getting on a plane always makes me anxious.  Not because I don’t like to fly but because I always worry about how my body will hold up sitting for hours upon hours and how the getting out of my normal routine will effect me.  I’m not sure what I’m really worried about since I haven’t had any flare like symptoms and I really do feel strong which means I’m letting my brain take over.
The mind is such a powerful weapon and use the word weapon because I’m truly sabotaging myself.  I drove 4 hours by myself to a yoga retreat with no issues or stiffness and none of my flights are 4 hours long in duration which means I’ll have lots of time for walking and stretching.  I don’t really enjoy traveling away from home and would much rather stay here and enjoy my evenings with my husband.

The trip will be quick and I’ll be home in no time so I need to quiet my mind and remind myself how strong I really am and how healthy I have become.  Sure I will be tired when I get home, travel is tiring but there is a
difference between being tired and having debilitating fatigue.  Now is the time to let my yogi side kick in, relax, breath and reassure myself that this trip is going to be successful.


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