What a whirlwind weekend. In the past we would pick one thing to do so I could have plenty of time to rest and recover from my fatigue.  As the weeks and months continue where I am flare-up free and my body gets stronger and stronger we are able to do so much more.  This past weekend we made it a family weekend.  Friday night we were with my husbands family enjoying “steak and cake.”   You might be wondering what is steak and cake.  It is exactly as it states.  Since his twins niece and nephew were able to eat real food his sister would invite him over for dinner and when she would ask the kids what they wanted they always said steak and cake.

Once I entered into my husband’s life I was invited to steak and cake which is a honor for me.  This is special occasion they have and time for the twins to tell their uncle everything they have been up to.  Now they are 14 and really don’t have time for their uncle but there is always time for steak and cake.  It is nice to see the family and watch the interaction between my husband and the kids.

Saturday we went south to see another sibling and nephew of my husband.  This nephew is our God-child as well as a nephew and he turned 3 on Saturday.  It is amazing to think 3 years have already come and gone.  He got a big bounce house for one of his gifts and yes I took my shoes off and got right in.  I was in that bounce house about 10 minutes and tired.  I do a lot of exercising but this was really work trying to stay up
right and meander around the kids without knocking them down.  Toddlers and bounce houses are a hoot.  He was so sweet and really enjoyed us being there.  He as well as a special relationship with my husband, his uncle.  I have written before about how wonderful my husband is with kids and I am just reminded of this fact so often.

Finally, Sunday rolls around and I spend time with my husband which is our family.  We don’t have children but he and I are truly family and love our life together.  We spent the day doing the things we really enjoy and even stopped off for a little bit of ice cream along way.  He doesn’t eat dairy but going to an ice cream barn in the summer is all part of the event not just the dairy.  Most evenings I would be resting on the
couch thinking I probably packed too much into one weekend but not this time.  In fact we ended our beautiful and family filled weekend with a little Yin yoga.  My husband tried it for the first time and
actually liked it.  I hope he continues to do it and we can make this part of an evening routine for ourselves. 

Now I am preparing for a trip to Denver and again will be away from my husband for a few days. These are work trips and no yoga involved but hopefully it will go smoothly and I’ll still be feeling strong. I have come to realize that it is a lot easier to stay balanced and manage MCTD then try to live in recovery mode.  With every flare I was having I was recovering and recovering takes just as much energy as the flare itself.  Now I’m truly managing my MCTD and feeling fabulous.


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