I think I have a compromise figured out that won’t be too costly, will get me out of the gym and into a yoga studio more.  I found a lunch time class that is not hot yoga but will stretch me out and quiet my mind for an hour during the day. It is fairly close to where I work and I could scoot over there get my vinyasa on and scoot back.  I don’t typically do room temperature yoga but I think I could get use to it if I were doing it about once or twice or week.

I had my first lunch time yoga session on Friday and it was dynamite.  I was having a regular day without a lot of stress or worry but it was raining and kind of cold outside which it has been doing now in Maine for many days and I needed a mood lifter.  I decided to try the lunch time yoga class which was a vinyasa flow. It made my afternoon so much better.  I arrived at noon and not sure if the class would be full or not but it
is moderately full.  The energy was good, the instructor was good, and she realized many people were there on their lunch breaks so it wasn’t a sweaty vinyasa class but we did get some major stretching done and our heart rates up but then we took several minutes at the end to rest and meditate before heading back to work and the real world again. 

This will become a regular practice for me since it just revives and re-energizes me as well as loosens everything up as I sit for hours upon hours in a desk chair.  I get to let my voice ring with a few om’s and life is just better that way.  My entire life has changed since I have delved head first into a huge pool of yoga and I just bask in the beauty, calm, and peace of it all.  My next task in life will be to incorporate yoga fully and un-incorporate “Corporate America” after I get everything lined up and organized first. No sense in causing stress by not being prepared for a life change like that.  Thank goodness hubby is on board with my life style changes. He sees a new woman emerging every day with a different practice I had, a revelation I have had, a book I have read, a recipe I have found, and any new situations I have experienced.


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